Made in the UK, Marxman helps make drilling and hammering more accurate. How? By cleverly marking almost any surface with an easy-to-see spot. With just one push, Marxman leaves a fluorescent non-toxic green mark to drill or hammer into. No more difficult-to-see pencil marks on walls or pieces of wood, because with Marxman, you have a clear mark to target. Better yet, all
residue wipes away easily. Plus, Marxman can be used at any angle – making a quick accurate mark on wood, brick, tiles, stone, plasterboard, metal and more.

Lightweight and portable, Marxman is the perfect drilling companion for electrical work, plumbing jobs and building projects.

Each pen contains 250+ bursts or removable fluorescent green pigment

Marxman standard marks up to 45mm

Marxman Deephole marks up to 100mm

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It’s no exaggeration, Gripit really is ‘The world’s ultimate plasterboard fixing’. We’ve even printed it on the box.

To fix heavy stuff to plasterboard, people choose Gripit.

Put up curtains, shelves or a mirror with ease.

Gripit is the handy aid to common DIY tasks. Used by skilled tradespeople and inexperienced DIYers, all you need is a Gripit, a drill bit, a drill and a screwdriver.

Blue holds up to 113kgBrown holds up to 93kgRed holds up to 74kgYellow holds up to 71kg

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Rhinofix is the easy fix for attaching items to plasterboard, fibreboard, and wood. Suitable for tradespeople and the less experienced, this DIY blessing can hold up to 150kg, making it suitable even for those extra heavy items and cantilever TV brackets.

Whatever the item or object, Rhinofix strength is sure to secure and hold, providing firmness and soundness in all DIY ventures.

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